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Storks (2016)

(co-head of story)

bombing run (unscripted cut scene)

This is the original opening for Storks - Based on a loose director pitch, our hope was to subvert expectations by opening a silly, baby movie with a tense, disorienting invasion.  While ultimately wrong for the film, this scene was integral in discovering the final tone.  Also super fun.

Junior and Tulip Breakup

After letting himself connect to Tulip and DD, Junior emotionally pulls back for our 2B low point.

baby bonding arc

As the production escalated, we found the need to inject character relationships into increasingly limited real estate.  I pitched a a series of comedic Junior/Baby moments that could show how Junior evolved from an uncaring, business stork, to a sensitive caring father figure.

The following were unscripted additions that made it into the final film.

escape from the wolves

The pod door became a simple, visual way to articulate the change in Junior.  First he tries to shut the baby out. (Stabbing the raft panels by Delia Gossman)

river song

As Junior tries to calm the baby, he inadvertently finds himself connecting with her.


Once the baby starts to connect with Junior, he attempts to block her out.

Bringing up baby

Do it in a montage! Now the door is open for Junior, he starts to fall for DD, setting the stage for the eventual return to baby delivery. Fun Fact: This unscripted scene was my first after returning from paternity leave - art imitating life. (Boards unavailable - I tag-teamed this scene with Doug Sweetland, providing the Jr/Tulip side, while Doug nailed the Gardner section.)

The docks

The culmination of the baby bonding arc where Junior finally connects with the baby

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